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Mad in Stoke

We are super excited to announce our latest collaboration with international mosaic ceramic tile artist Carrie Reichardt for her project Mad in Stoke. 


A renegade who is revered in anti-establishment circles, Reichardt's preoccupation with seditious ceramics places her within an artistic tradition extending back to William Morris.

She creates anarchic artworks where vintage floral, kitsch, royal and religious crockery is given a new twist by re-firing with layers of new ceramic decals They are modified in a "radical use of traditional things" and often adorned with skulls, cheeky slogans and political statements. Her first solo exhibition, entitled "Mad in England", provided an exploration of this theme, which she has continued to pursue in subsequent work.

During this years British Ceramics Biennale we worked with Carrie and created an immersive video display to go inside her ceramic rave car. The video featured interviews with DJ's from the 1990's, including Norman Cook (AKA Fatboy slim) Pete Bromley, Lee Fredricks and Mark Archer (Altern 8).  

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