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Our House

Our House was a project that we had been asked to do as part of the very first National Day of Action against Fuel Poverty (2022) by the national campaign Warm This Winter. It was a day to being people together in the city of

Stoke-On-Trent to simply start talking about their concerns about the cost of living.

OUr House - Warm THis Winter - Day of Action - Poster

We created a special day event that brought people together to think and talk about our fears and struggles that we are now facing due to the cost of living as a whole. 


In November 2022, it was published that peoples cost of living has gone up by the following in just a couple of months:

- Food shopping - 95%

- Energy bills - 68%

- Fuel prices - 55%

This is just one of the many reasons that events like this are so important in uniting people and making people feel heard and safe.

The event was designed to bring everyone together, to help people in different ways. Located in the beautiful and historic Fenton Town Hall, we had fabulous workshops that were great fun for families to feel safe and to get out of the house for a bit. There was free warm food provided by The Café (Fenton) along with hot drinks that people were welcome to enjoy and keep warm.

Alongside this, we also had a few areas where people could get advice about getting help they require, this came from organisations such as the local council, Middleport Matters, reps from local providers and more.

In the afternoon, there was a range of brilliant talks and videos highlighting the situation we are facing now and in the future. There was also a handful of incredible poets sharing their thought provoking verses that deeply spoke to everyone.

For the finale, we had the amazing Rotten Park Road Productions write and perform a play that defined the reason behind this event. This play was beautiful and heart breaking, that has everyone crying and smiling at the end.

Thank you to everyone involved who made this event possible and those who came to support it, we hope you enjoyed it and have got a step forward to getting the help you can to stay warm this winter.

We're not done yet...

The day may be over but our part of the campaign will continue on our social media



Don't forget to share your #orangescarfselfie to show your support to the campaign

Warm This Winter by using the tag #warmthiswinter to keep this going


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