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The Team

Darren Washington

Boasting nearly two decades of experience as a self-employed photographer, Darren is a mixed media artist and art curator based in Stoke. As the proprietor of Thisis116, Darren seamlessly integrates commercial and artistic elements into his work, infusing his projects with a distinct and somewhat cinematic approach. In his role as a gallery curator, he has played a pivotal role in the production of numerous exhibitions and large projects in collaboration with various artists. In 2013, Darren established Centre Space Arts, formerly known as Gallery116, with the goal of championing local artists and showcasing their talents globally. An advocate of delivering the right art to the right people, Darren rejects a one-size-fits-all approach and actively strives to stand out from the crowd.

Sarah Peart

Having worked in the industry as a photographer for over 7 years, Sarah has worked with a huge variety of people and has honed in her skills as a candid based event photographer. She also works in the field of website design and logo design, which is a great asset to have on board. In addition to this, photographing a multitude of events has increased her confidence in working in different environments, which has meant Sarah is now also a project coordinator on our variety of projects and helps to keep things organised in the background throughout the year.

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Our Patron
Keith Brymer Jones

I met Darren and Sarah in 2016 while filming The Great Pottery Throw down in Stoke. Darren invited me to create an art installation to celebrate the workforce of Spode (Absent Tribe).  As we worked on the project from early on it was clear his enthusiasm for extolling the rich manufacturing history from Stoke was infectious

As we worked together on Absent Tribe it was evident that Centre Space Arts was more than just a vehicle for recoding the history of Stoke, it also looked to the future, encouraging and exhibiting work for a wide spectrum of contemporary artists in and around the Stoke-On-Trent area. CSA has a practical, detailed approach highlighting the incredibly creative work that is being produced in the local area. It's wide range of in-house skills from photography, to marketing to even management make it the perfect partner to enhance any artist's work, and give the time and respect to bring it to the wider public audience.

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