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White Monkey

This is a series of short videos and poems surrounding what it's like to live a lifetime with depression

White Monkey is a series of short stories written by Richard Snell. Richard has suffered with mental health issues throughout his life. When Covid-19 forced us all into lockdown earlier this year, Richard like many became distressed and realised a good way to cope with his distress was to put together his poems and stories in which he tackles his personal demons and how he has fought to come to terms with them.

He would like to have his stories told in visual form and by using video and animation, we would like to take his story and create a series of videos that help people understand what living with mental health is really like.

With your help we can make this happen. Your support will go a long way in helping us to create this series of short films, which will focus on showing how it can feel living with this illness throughout life. We hope to show them to people who aren’t suffering and those who are in hopes that everyone will walk away from this series with a better understanding of how depression can affect a person, for better and worse.

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