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Busy week; getting creative

What we've been up to:

This week has been a good week, the Dollhouse is looking amazing, the children are digging in with that. We've been making great connection with artists and videographers that are going to be working with us and the organisations these upcoming weeks.

Alongside our current plans, we've been working with someone who is pretty new on our radar and is a really interesting artist. His name is Chris Altham, and he is a great cartoonist that has created a variety of work and designs. He is working with us this weekend to create a fun workshop for families to do together. We are at the Climate Cafe at B-Arts, where the will be good food, good workshops and time to just chat with people and get to know their stories.

Latest Warm This Winter News:

"Energy bills are dropping by 7% this week as the new Ofgem price cap comes into force, but the amount could have been £500 lower if previous governments had prioritised measures to bring bills down.

Throughout the energy bills crisis, there has been sluggish progress on upgrading homes, reducing standing charges, moving to cheaper energy sources and bringing in proper support for vulnerable households with their energy bills."


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