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Welcome to our new blog!

Hey there. As I'm sure you've seen, we're currently working for the national coalition Warm This Winter, to create material that contains real situations and true stories of how people are coping in this current situation with high fuel prices which has impacted the Cost of Living in the UK, that they will use as part of their arsenal to demand proper change in the country, to make life more affordable.
We've worked with them before and we were able to create an incredible day event with the help of some amazing people. This year however, we want to make a bigger and positive impact in the community and we need your help to do just that.
So from here onwards, you'll get an update every other Friday; you'll be able to see exactly what we're getting up to behind-the-scenes, as we plan workshops and pop up sessions, that will run up to the showcase event we have planned.

Stay tuned and we'll see you soon!


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