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Progress report

What have we been up to?

Over last week or so, things have been going really well with our Middleport Matters workshops with different groups as well as a few drop-in sessions. Our behind-the-scenes works, lots of communication and planning has been making good progress too.

Our Dollhouse is going really well; the children are now getting hands and making their designs of their house a reality by working on individual rooms and what they can create for each one. They're having a lot of fun creating things from scratch but we're also giving answers as to why we choose certain things. For example, they're crafting up some solar panels for the roof along with a vegetable garden; it's going to be so amazing when it's complete.

This week, we had a rep from a local company drop by to one of the morning groups at Middleport Matters. The rep was able to inform the group on ideas to help them to save money, like LED bulbs and where they can apply to receive free upgrades in their households. It was very pleasant, very helpful and it wasn't a sales pitch either.

Latest Warm-This-Winter News:

"Future Energy Associates have identified how every household could potentially have their standing charges cut almost in half, 46%. For electricity could reduce from £219.42 to £149.17 per year and gas would reduce from £114.66 to £33.85 per year. However, implementing these changes would require vital changes to Ofgem regulations and Government funding, as well as action taken to protect low income and high usage households." -WTW News

Up & Coming:

We'll keep you up to date on our Dollhouse project, be sure to look out for our micro-commission we'll be releasing and you'll see us at the Climate Café at B-Arts, next Friday as well with a talented local cartoonist.


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