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Operation: Dollhouse

Latest Warm-This-Winter News:

"New polling by Opinium for the Warm This Winter campaign has revealed that 57% of the public back a social tariff. A social tariff is a discounted energy bill for those who are vulnerable or more in need. This includes those such as the elderly, those with medical needs, low income households and households with children." - WTW News

What have we been up to?

This week, we've been focusing on putting our newest workshops plans into motion with Middleport Matters. Working with Lisa and the Creative Club crew, we have taken the first steps in what we call Operation: Dollhouse. This project about working with the children in the group to think about what goes int keeping a house warm, to have a lower carbon footprint and what a house of the future could look like.

Here we have some initial ideas from the group what could go into a house of the future.

Once these plans were drew up and discussed, we got to tell them that we'd actually be making some of these plans into reality by giving a large dollhouse a makeover. As soon as we said this, lots of excited gasps and giggles were definitely had.

From the first session alone, we know this is going to be a fun project to do for everyone involved.


This next week, we'll be continuing to put plans into motion for Operation: Dollhouse, as well as speaking to Staffs Uni and Newcastle College (NSCG) to put up and coming plans into place with them.


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